The Heads MINUS The Secret Head

There are 8 heads for this toyline, four are based on previously seen characters from the now defunct SMASH TOKYO TOYS design base including: Seismic King and KumaTank who are just tweaked versions of Seismic Ace and Atomic Beartank with Centurion K16 and a damaged version of the K16.
There has always been various drawings and never-before-made mini-sculpts of a character called Trojan Hoss that is being made, a generic spaceship-head called XLR8OR 8 and a mystery head that has been donated to us by a friend, of his much loved mascot that has been wwwaaaayyyyy tweaked into a more mecha style.Well reveal this in a couple of months.

Lastly is a Grendizer inspired sex-head called Murder Boner.
8 heads, 4 bodies, 2 sets of legs...while each has their own head name we will be naming every combination and providing checklists to make it easier for collectors. Naming each part makes things difficult, it is easier for collectors to just say "I need a green unpainted 800ty Smaxx" as opposed to "I need a Trojan Hoss, Nuclear Body with claw legs in green clear." (That combination isn't real so don't order one.)

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