Here's some new info.

We've had some updates, not much to tell right now.
Miyazawa-san from Siccaluna has started on the sculpts and we have seen Seismic Ace and Kumatank/Beartank they will need some revisions. The Beartank is not as tall as the Ace which is cool.
When all eight heads and the bodies are ready we can post some pics, I'm not 100% on the scale right now because unlike some minis these will have 5 points of articulation. Originally we planned on them having 1 so I think they may have scaled up a bit in size just to fit the plugs.

Here's some rejected designs put forward by TurboPistolla:

Super Dogfighter while one of my favourite heads it won't allow the vinyl to pull through it's tiny wings (on a mini). Initially this would be his face and he'd have a robot-face on the underside and collectors could choose which "face" they wanted facing the front.
I would have loved this. Turns out you can't do "jutting-out" things on minis chests or backs (The beartank barrel was a nightmare.) If we ever do a larger scale Centurion in Japan he will have this chest but with a fist that has obvious boosters in it's thruster and a plane on his back like our MS. SHINDA design.

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