Here you go...BLOW YOUR MIND because here we have some very early test pulls in red vinyl. Stagger in disbelief because soon, you too could own these!

Some guy pointed out that Centurion's head is a bit awry since it's supposed to be more "Dr Fate" shaped and not like a bell. These are minis so it's difficult to get a perfect 3d representation of a 2d drawing. If I do larger scale figs we'll get it worked out but it looks pretty BLOODY AWESOME to me considering the mold is probably the size of the end of a ten-year old's thumb.
I'm pretty chuffed since the amount of time and work that has gone into these has been pretty full bore...especially since I started talking about these back in 2009 and it's coming up on April 2013 with turboPISTOLA and I starting on the art exactly 14 months ago.
Velocitron and the crew at Siccaluna deserve medals for the work they do in Japan.
I've thought long and hard on how to expand this line if it goes off...or if I ever have the money again in the future.
I used to think "More heads and arms" but now I'm thinking tank and caterpillar tread legs or even a lower body 50s style rocket and a set of bent "flying arms".
I love pipe dreams!

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