READ THIS, We're ready!

It's taken 16 months from design to finished product (which I think is some sort of toy record) my first-of-it's-kind, 7-part 4-5" mini sofubi line is ready. This is the first time anyone has ever attempted this many parts at this size! We pulled it off with the master sculptors over at Siccaluna and Velocitron. Totally OG sculpts and storyline for my toy universe with a toy line that, with the right tweeks, could be expanded for years since it is designed to be infinitely customisable. More bodies, heads, arms, weapons, colors etc
Now if only I was outstandingly rich and not living on the poverty line! Yikes.
3 hrs a day....cutting and assembling, no vinyl factory, no assembly line painting our stuff, no machines boxing the toys,  just the hard yards done by me and the people who come to help out.
Just like the old joke "Hey neighbour, come over for a party, there's going to be fighting, drinking and fucking......"
It was just like that....except with toys.

Handsome devil.

Did some stuff with Bad Teeth here in Brisbane....which went very well.
We had a truck load of toys left over from SDCC that needed repainting and I wanted silver sprays. He got himself some Monster Kolor and blasted away. Blam, Blam, Blam!

Turned out AWESOME! He told me about what he's doing with his resin and making it into a vinyl and I learned some stuff about a vinyl company o/s I didn't know before!

Needs something to give it Zing.

Hand cut some capes.....Muuuucccchhhhh better!

I'm keeping lefty. 

Bagged a metric SHITLOAD of toys to send off overseas.
The first release will be Black Unpainted and White Unpainted while me and my outstanding crew put together the Blue-with-capes (I am struggling with the capes).
If you get a cape and the holes aren't perfect, I only have 80% fine motor control in my hands and had to cut all of them by hand since I couldn't get a punch the right some are a wee bit ragged. :)
No fine tune, die-cut, factory crud here..we sit on the floor, assemble and bag in unventilated third world slum-units!
Straya mate! Straya!
Threw two capes in the black pile.
These white ones are bloody awesome. Very Ivory....cut straight from Galactic Space Mammoths during the evil days of the 1930s.

Made from the hearts of stars.

Blue unpainted General Z figs still awhile off.
I hope to have these black and white beauties at DesignerCon.

They are def my favourites.

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