Emme Power The Roller Derby Girl

For years now.
Behind the scenes.....
My partner and I had been working on this.
We travelled to Japan, Dallas, California, all across the southwest of America, China, the UK and Europe.
We have spoken to THOUSANDS of Roller Derby girls worldwide.
Our logo is now worn on over 1200 registered teams worldwide and many unlisted leagues, seen in media, in bars and pubs, cafes and at events.
A LOT of work, time and effort.
All for this:
A Japanese sofubi Roller Derby Toy.
You think we're kidding?
You tell people "It's all hype, there's NO PROOF they aren't a real skate company!"
Sweetheart....buckle up, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Early days, sketches, pictures, long hours pouring over pics of hair styles and trying to find factories in China, America and Japan.
Then travelling and talking to numerous teams o/s marketing a product that was a CONCEPT only.
Just as we released pictures of these two sculpts from Japan....

HUNDREDS of photos started pouring in from all over the world of women and girls from cities as far away as Egypt and Russia wearing OUR roller derby logo.
Our global campaign was a success.
We were NEVER "just stickers" those stickers were ALWAYS a global marketing campaign.
It worked.
The EMME POWER logo is now worn on every continent by thousands of players all over the world in hundreds of cites and towns.



Seen on CNN in roller derby games, in BBC documentaries, in music clips, in skate stores and on apparel, all attempts to convince any overseas roller derby players that "Emme Power the Roller Derby Girl" wasn't real generally fell on deaf ears.
We were real and offers from skate companies were on the table.

If only this were true in our OWN country where we were shunned as "frauds" and a "fake company with no product" as rumours started by women who weren't even roller derby players but roller derby "groupies" and referees attacked us at every turn and spread.
How do you promote roller derby around the world when you are constantly getting attacked in your own home?
Continuously flood the internet with evidence that makes your enemies look like fools!

We would hear all these INSANE rumours about how there was no product, we weren't a real skate company, we weren't travelling overseas and nothing we said was real and all coming from the same people so it was pretty easy to go on all our social media, withdraw for a few weeks and say we quit and just sit back and watch "The Show" unfold.
The roller derby fanatic naysayers would crow and bleat about how awesome it was they had stopped us, a roller derby company whose only purpose was to promote roller derby because really, theirs was the only true path to roller derby (insanity) and we had never had a product so they had sure taught us a lesson.
Then we'd do this a week later:

"Just got back from Tokyo. Had awesome meeting with Rumble Monsters. Then these blue prototypes turned up and we had Rumble Monster's tanks already soooooo now we have roller derby toys with tanks!"

Whhhaaaattttt!? There really is a roller derby girl toy?
It's fucking cool and weird!?
Suddenly an entire squadron of lunatics who have told HUNDREDS of people for 18 months that we were liars and frauds and we had "NEVER travelled anywhere and didn't know ANYTHING about roller derby" suddenly realised that for a really, really long time we had essentially let them run around making a hatful of dicks of themselves.
Welcome to what Tarryn McDermott and I run into here in Brisbane all the time with our roller derby product.

Since we started I've had my arm broken by roller derby crazies, Tarryn's car has been smashed up by eggs and rocks by roller derby players, we've been publicly assaulted and abused and all trying to stop the release of this one toy.
My products sell through an international distributor and have done for over a decade.
The toy was simply NEVER coming out in Australia.
So high five there to all the those derby groupies and their friends in Australia who wasted so much time and effort spreading rumours about us and "thwarting us" at every turn.
All that ever did was effectively stop REAL derby players here from being sponsored by us or accessing our product.
The more hate we got here in our own city the more love we got around the world.
We have a large support and fan base o/s and not only that, skaters LOVE this toy. We sold them by the handfuls to teams on our travels everywhere for a year before handing them over. 

Our motto has always been: "If you don't want it, don't be fooled into thinking there aren't 100 people somewhere else that DO."

However, anyone who knows me knows that money and fame has never been the objective. Seriously, all Tarryn McDermott wants is her derby toy in YOUR derby house! All the drama and politics just gives us a headache, we're not 15, it's not high school and grown men and women being schoolyard bullies on or off roller skates is so 1992!

So Toughen Up Buttercup.
Emme Power the Roller Derby Girl is real, it's registered and licensed and now being distributed by Disburst in the USA. Suck it up, five colours of pure roller derby whackiness MADE BY roller derby girl, Tarryn McDermott (a real person, seen by thousands of people!) Two types, one, 2-parts of sofubi hotness and the other 4 parts all solid-gold disco derby insanity.
You can even get Glow-In-The-Dark!

Go out and get it now because when I say we only made TINY amounts....I'm not kidding.
No more giveaways.
No sponsorships.
There won't be a second run. No soup for you.
Trust me, these are hot.

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