Unholy Beartank

Here it is, the turnarounds for what will hopefully be next year's new toy:
Yeah, Yeah...I know the last time I said "next year" it was two years but we did make something no one had ever done before and the sculpts and moulds had to be done numerous times because the parts are tiny. It took forever!

 This BEARTANK is 3 parts Japanese Soft Vinyl, 12 inch and for scale you can see he has skyscrapers around his legs and the space station imbedded in his shoulder....he's astronomical and pissed off with exposed spine, brain, cog ear and cyborg parts he's no Rupert.
Eric Nilla will be doing the sculpt and concept.
Initially, we'd spent a good part of this year working on a two part mini for our ION MAIDEN pilot for the Ion Men who was a Roller Derby playing bad-ass who could be produced in all different colors with capes etc but we figured the audience was too small.
I was very keen to do this 2-part mini because of all the different variants that could be made but then Eric Nilla and I started talking about the Beartank....Then the art came and...well...look at that thing...it's beautiful.

Another item for next year is this new chest insert of The ION MAIDEN where she is in her full uniform and not her underwear or her derby gear that Eric did a sketch of last year. More of this on my Instagram: Aoimatt
Not finished version

Final 2014 ION MEN

The last 2014 ION MEN for this year were Eric Nillas ION MAIDEN pilot Ion Men, The SDCC unassembled ION Men and the UNBELIEVABLE SHIT TONNE of $10 DesignerCon Ion Men.

Next I'll look at some clears and hopefully some glows...we'll see....life's too full of crazy to worry about the small stuff right?

We're coming back to Tokyo...AND Antarctica! FUCK YEAH!

All The Ion Men Releases

People Don't Know This:

Here are all the runs released so far -
Black Unpainted
Ivory Unpainted
TAG Exclusive BLACK/WHITE Unpainted Mixed Parts
SDCC 2013 Velocitron/Lulubell 1st run Red/Blue/Black/Ivory Unpainteds with light sprays.
Spankystokes.com Exclusive Red Unpainted with Resin Stroll Head.
Bad Teeth Comics Limited Blue W/Silver Sprays X 11 (TAG)
Unpainted Blue Limited to 10 (Lulubell)
Japan Superfestival 2014 Blue/Black Clear Unpainted Mixed Parts (no capes - some with b/w engine inserts)
turboPISTOLA Black Clear Smoke releases (various)
Clear Unpainted w/Inserts
Unpainted Pink with Gold Glitter
Painted Various


Feeling blue....
Right up until a box of parts arrived from the Japanese factory! Woo...these were the SOLID GOLD I've been waiting for!
I ordered a limited run of clear red and gold glitter Ion Men and some clears.
Weeeelllll, the red turned out HOT PINK.
It's hotter than hot...it's HOT HOT HOT! I love it! So I threw some together and took some shitty Iphone pics with them:


New Ion Men went up at Japan Super Festival 64 on the weekend.
They were clear black with Unpainted Blue and Unpainted Ivory parts with chest inserts. 

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