Taken from the DCON main sight....TAG exclusive ION MEN:

These are bloody AWESOME! I was really happy with the blue and silver, I wish I'd kept some blue/silver caped ones for myself since there are no more blue unpainted parts left....maybe.

LULUBELL TOY BODEGA will have both Unpainted SPACE IVORY and Unpainted Black on tap.

They will be available here afterwards P-POW:

ION MEN on sale now

Now at Lulubell Toy Bodega - Unpainted Black and extremely limited Unpainted Blue.
They can be bought here:

and here for Blue:

There are only 11 blue unpainted in this lot and I won't be doing this colour again (There are, however, some silver spray blue figs coming and blue parts being used for mixed figs in the future.) I think I have one blue and white fig for a giveaway somewhere too. It looks like a Smurf.

Clear and Crazy Mixed Parts

So, I'm starting a new toy venture. I'm excited because I've always said "We ONLY do robots." but now I'm going to try a horror toy.
I talked to Velocitron ages back about this idea and I think it'll work....I think people will dig it.'s more Ion Men for next year. These have either clear chests and blue bodies or clear bodies and blue chests.
The clear chests will have glowing engines and the blue bodies will have glowing brains.
I'm talking to BAD TEETH in Brisbane and bouncing ideas for the engines.

READ THIS, We're ready!

It's taken 16 months from design to finished product (which I think is some sort of toy record) my first-of-it's-kind, 7-part 4-5" mini sofubi line is ready. This is the first time anyone has ever attempted this many parts at this size! We pulled it off with the master sculptors over at Siccaluna and Velocitron. Totally OG sculpts and storyline for my toy universe with a toy line that, with the right tweeks, could be expanded for years since it is designed to be infinitely customisable. More bodies, heads, arms, weapons, colors etc
Now if only I was outstandingly rich and not living on the poverty line! Yikes.
3 hrs a day....cutting and assembling, no vinyl factory, no assembly line painting our stuff, no machines boxing the toys,  just the hard yards done by me and the people who come to help out.
Just like the old joke "Hey neighbour, come over for a party, there's going to be fighting, drinking and fucking......"
It was just like that....except with toys.

Handsome devil.

Did some stuff with Bad Teeth here in Brisbane....which went very well.
We had a truck load of toys left over from SDCC that needed repainting and I wanted silver sprays. He got himself some Monster Kolor and blasted away. Blam, Blam, Blam!

Turned out AWESOME! He told me about what he's doing with his resin and making it into a vinyl and I learned some stuff about a vinyl company o/s I didn't know before!

Needs something to give it Zing.

Hand cut some capes.....Muuuucccchhhhh better!

I'm keeping lefty. 

Bagged a metric SHITLOAD of toys to send off overseas.
The first release will be Black Unpainted and White Unpainted while me and my outstanding crew put together the Blue-with-capes (I am struggling with the capes).
If you get a cape and the holes aren't perfect, I only have 80% fine motor control in my hands and had to cut all of them by hand since I couldn't get a punch the right some are a wee bit ragged. :)
No fine tune, die-cut, factory crud here..we sit on the floor, assemble and bag in unventilated third world slum-units!
Straya mate! Straya!
Threw two capes in the black pile.
These white ones are bloody awesome. Very Ivory....cut straight from Galactic Space Mammoths during the evil days of the 1930s.

Made from the hearts of stars.

Blue unpainted General Z figs still awhile off.
I hope to have these black and white beauties at DesignerCon.

They are def my favourites.

Assembly Time

Everything we've been doing...and what we've been doing is this:
1. Bags and bags of vinyl arrived weeks ago.
2. First I was assembling it all on my own...on the floor.
3. Then like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence people came to help me....fucking big tv personalities, great blokes, toy nerds, big titty geek girls, midgets, was crazy for a while but we powered through. Seems people think it's cool to assemble toys. They soon learned that 600 toys with seven parts each needing three drill holes is A RIGHT BUM to put together!
It's aaaaalllllll worth it in the end! Hoo boy, these little vinyl robots are hot! That's not just me blowing my own trumpet either, they look awesome.
Plus, there were beers, pizza and women.... and also women-who-were-men-but-looked-like-women so it was all fun and games and nobody lost an eye.

After three weeks we've finished the white and black and that's seven different people working maybe 20 hrs with two dremels....but we DID start with just X-ACTO knives for awhile.

Don't use X-Acto knives, that's fucking crazy.

Enough talk, check it all out!
That's a lot o' legs!

About 6-700 at an estimate. That's 4900 parts to you.

This is what you need to drill arm holes.
James cut through the arm holes with a knife BEFORE we got the dremels. He walked out with that Shogun for his troubles.

Jarrod is swift like lightning with the dremel, knocked out all the white torsos in two hrs.
Sorting parts.

One of a number of trays full of parts. The round arm is NOT a shield, it's a 1950s UFO. You are looking at it's underside.


This is the ONLY time and place these painted versions will be released. They are being painted in Japan and taken by Velocitron straight to SDCC. I won't see them, I won't get to handle them or have any participation in the sale at all so if you miss out that's it. I don't have freebies and there never will be any.
We will be doing unpainted releases of these AFTER SDCC but these are the only factory painted ones you'll get this year.
They are super limited. Not just limited...SUPER. Like, less than 200.

More pics...more combos...More, more, more!

So I took more shots with the grey, got my lightbox out, set up my STILL completely f*cked out no matter what setting or lighting so I just used the Iphone. We'll do better shots when the full range of figs come.

Six of the eight heads and the Seismic Ace drill arm.

One of the best configurations...or at least the one people have expressed an interest in. Full original "Atomic Beartank" style body/shoulders and legs with UFO arm and drill arm.

Same again with the Murder Boner head. Murder Boner was one of three heads turboPISTOLA made for this line.

I'm a big fan of simple, barrel-chested robots so I like this OG body...not sure how it will be received though.

              The Stroll head has the most insane detail on it. Miyasawa-san at Shikaruna has placed 
              bionics spilling outside of the back of the head!
                                 Rare shot with a fist on. This is the twin-faced XLR8OR-88.
                          When I did Seismic Ace I was told it was absolute shit because it was resin and not
                          vinyl. Well, they weigh two pounds and if fired from a slingshot you can kill a bear
                          with them and guess what? He's vinyl now, he fits in your pocket and you can STILL poke people's eye out with him like a champ!
Here's the 1cm X 1cm opening with a gear, wires and
 button inside it on the back of the Stroll's head. That's some INSANE detail.
Here, on the end of a mini-pacer, is the drill-fist which is SEISMIC-ACE's
 head from the resin toy. The difference between this and the new
head is Seismic King has an actual mouth.

They're Here

Guess what arrived today...
4 sample figs from Japan and 51 parts.
So I sat down for five mins with my Iphone because my awesome camera was having a sissy-fit and quickly threw these together just to show you what can be done with these awesome and super crazy robots.


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