ION MEN on sale now

Now at Lulubell Toy Bodega - Unpainted Black and extremely limited Unpainted Blue.
They can be bought here:

and here for Blue:

There are only 11 blue unpainted in this lot and I won't be doing this colour again (There are, however, some silver spray blue figs coming and blue parts being used for mixed figs in the future.) I think I have one blue and white fig for a giveaway somewhere too. It looks like a Smurf.

Clear and Crazy Mixed Parts

So, I'm starting a new toy venture. I'm excited because I've always said "We ONLY do robots." but now I'm going to try a horror toy.
I talked to Velocitron ages back about this idea and I think it'll work....I think people will dig it.'s more Ion Men for next year. These have either clear chests and blue bodies or clear bodies and blue chests.
The clear chests will have glowing engines and the blue bodies will have glowing brains.
I'm talking to BAD TEETH in Brisbane and bouncing ideas for the engines.

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