All The Ion Men Releases

People Don't Know This:

Here are all the runs released so far -
Black Unpainted
Ivory Unpainted
TAG Exclusive BLACK/WHITE Unpainted Mixed Parts
SDCC 2013 Velocitron/Lulubell 1st run Red/Blue/Black/Ivory Unpainteds with light sprays. Exclusive Red Unpainted with Resin Stroll Head.
Bad Teeth Comics Limited Blue W/Silver Sprays X 11 (TAG)
Unpainted Blue Limited to 10 (Lulubell)
Japan Superfestival 2014 Blue/Black Clear Unpainted Mixed Parts (no capes - some with b/w engine inserts)
turboPISTOLA Black Clear Smoke releases (various)
Clear Unpainted w/Inserts
Unpainted Pink with Gold Glitter
Painted Various

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