New sculpt pics from Japan

So here is what came out of The Fort in Japan on Wednesday after getting home from the Boxing day sales on the Gold Coast with TurboPISTOLA. I'm not sure but I gather these are wax pulls by Velocitron that still need to be plugged before going off to factory.

The final version of Centurion K16 has more of a bell shaped head then his 2d counterparts in printed media but his head needs to fit on the neck of both bodies smoothly and match up to the BIG DAMAGE K16 head which is the "battle damaged" version of this head.  Mini figs in soft-vinyl have certain limitations so I'm chuffed at the detail we've got on the sculpts. We'll see how they go when they come out of the iron molds.

TROJAN HOSS looks great, better in 3d than in 2d. This is exactly our vision. It's insane. While we can't see the other side we hope he has his loudspeaker on his neck because that was cool.
So for people who can't be badgered going through the entire blog:
Sculpted heads on OG body and tank body (with mace arms) at Siccaluna. Early stages- Seismic King, Murder Boner and Kumatank

Big Damage K16 head, some various parts and the Trojan Hoss, XLR8OR 88  and STROLLbot 2.0 right at the beginning of sculpting at Siccaluna.

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