Here's some new info.

We've had some updates, not much to tell right now.
Miyazawa-san from Siccaluna has started on the sculpts and we have seen Seismic Ace and Kumatank/Beartank they will need some revisions. The Beartank is not as tall as the Ace which is cool.
When all eight heads and the bodies are ready we can post some pics, I'm not 100% on the scale right now because unlike some minis these will have 5 points of articulation. Originally we planned on them having 1 so I think they may have scaled up a bit in size just to fit the plugs.

Here's some rejected designs put forward by TurboPistolla:

Super Dogfighter while one of my favourite heads it won't allow the vinyl to pull through it's tiny wings (on a mini). Initially this would be his face and he'd have a robot-face on the underside and collectors could choose which "face" they wanted facing the front.
I would have loved this. Turns out you can't do "jutting-out" things on minis chests or backs (The beartank barrel was a nightmare.) If we ever do a larger scale Centurion in Japan he will have this chest but with a fist that has obvious boosters in it's thruster and a plane on his back like our MS. SHINDA design.


I've always said "We did this old school."
We didn't have any choice.
I don't have Illustrator anymore, Turbopistola doesn't use it. So we just did everything the way everything would have been done in the days when the internet was first Illustrator...All pencils and inks and ideas through emails. We even did photocopying at public libraries.
Thats hard work. Two guys on opposite ends of the world and there was a LOT of work and it all needed to be done twice because when we were done it wasn't exactly what was needed in Japan so we started again.

Nothing new for people who've seen this before.
He would draw it and send it and I would go over it all in ink...I'm the
#*!&ing tracer! If it didn't work we'd discuss it, I'd send crappy sketches and he'd fix them. It took FOREVER. That was good, it's good to take awhile to get things right.
Since the process of Japanese vinyl, the sculpts, the wax molds is still done very old school I'm kind of happy we did it all this way because when you put it all together by the end we'll have done something pretty unique.
Now, with Velocitron, I'm working with 3 guys on the opposite ends of the world so it's very exciting.
The first shots of the sculpts are posted but there have been heavy delays with SDCC and Japanese festivals. Such is life!

The Heads MINUS The Secret Head

There are 8 heads for this toyline, four are based on previously seen characters from the now defunct SMASH TOKYO TOYS design base including: Seismic King and KumaTank who are just tweaked versions of Seismic Ace and Atomic Beartank with Centurion K16 and a damaged version of the K16.
There has always been various drawings and never-before-made mini-sculpts of a character called Trojan Hoss that is being made, a generic spaceship-head called XLR8OR 8 and a mystery head that has been donated to us by a friend, of his much loved mascot that has been wwwaaaayyyyy tweaked into a more mecha style.Well reveal this in a couple of months.

Lastly is a Grendizer inspired sex-head called Murder Boner.
8 heads, 4 bodies, 2 sets of legs...while each has their own head name we will be naming every combination and providing checklists to make it easier for collectors. Naming each part makes things difficult, it is easier for collectors to just say "I need a green unpainted 800ty Smaxx" as opposed to "I need a Trojan Hoss, Nuclear Body with claw legs in green clear." (That combination isn't real so don't order one.)



A.O.I. is a new company that is starting out by making a group of mini figure toys designed by Matt Walls with Dan Turbo Pistolla Smith that includes the Seismic Ace, Beartank and Centurion K16 robots from the now defunct Smash Tokyo Toys. The mini series will expand to include over 600+ variations of 8 main characters and is being sculpted in Japan in wax by Velocitron with the original sculpts being done by masters of Japanese vinyl Siccaluna Koubou.
Each toy will be 4" tall and has been a dream of Matt Walls since 1981.
The toyline is unnamed at this time.

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