Production starting....

Ok, so apparently we're at iron molding stage and the toys will be ready by end of March.
Yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before, you've been hearing it for 11 months but this time FOR SURE!
Patience is a virtue and it'll all be worth it in the end.
Hey, there's 8 robots with 600's worth the wait.
If I can get my shit together and find someone to have them at their booth for SDCC we'll have them there, they'll definitely be at NYCC and Designercon, I'll be in Japan at some point too.
My father is seriously ill so we're going on an Australian roadtrip which may throw out my Japan plans but we'll see.
Anyway, no new pics so here's something worth looking out for in the near future:

These are really nice. Never seen a mermaid in Australia myself but that doesn't mean they're not here.... and this one looks awesome. If they're this size I'm going hunting!
These are made by Shane Haddy over at who is currently in Japan being mentored by a bunch of big Japanese sofubi legends.
Shane has also made a finger-puppet style sofubi called the Waniphant (see below)
These two pieces above are FUCKING AWESOME. These were made under the mentorship of Sunguts. While I'm not usually into this style of sofubi toy I do like two part figures .
While the Australian tendency for tall poppy syndrome looms large and I've heard people grouch "Why the fuck is THIS guy getting all this handed to him on a silver platter?" I think you just have to be old enough and mature enough to get past all that and say "Because he damn well went out, got it and you didn't so good for him."
Waniphant is a very interesting design. At first I didn't see it until I was told what it is: A cross between an  elephant and a crocodile. Those are teeth in it's snout and eyes in it's ears so really, while cute, it's also kind of terrifying. Like me, Shane is also fascinated in production, so that is also cool.

On a side note:
It's very easy to be jealous of all these guys in the toy industry who get all the breaks, get big toy companies to make all their shit for them and then gloat about what rock stars they are even though they've never put a cent into production themselves but you know what?

They're not you!

You need to take care of yourself and be happy for them. When it all comes down to it WHO GIVES A SHIT? They're not your friends, they are the competition! Nothing they say or do effects the sales of your shit...They can think it does but really, a bunch of guys who don't like your shit, tell a bunch of guys who also don't like your shit NOT to buy your shit? What does that achieve? Shit!
Just do your own thing like a million other guys. Just think "Only 1-in-6000 toys becomes successful." THAT'S A FUCKING SMALL CHANCE. So if some guy (who is not you) does it, good bloody job!

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