More pics...more combos...More, more, more!

So I took more shots with the grey, got my lightbox out, set up my STILL completely f*cked out no matter what setting or lighting so I just used the Iphone. We'll do better shots when the full range of figs come.

Six of the eight heads and the Seismic Ace drill arm.

One of the best configurations...or at least the one people have expressed an interest in. Full original "Atomic Beartank" style body/shoulders and legs with UFO arm and drill arm.

Same again with the Murder Boner head. Murder Boner was one of three heads turboPISTOLA made for this line.

I'm a big fan of simple, barrel-chested robots so I like this OG body...not sure how it will be received though.

              The Stroll head has the most insane detail on it. Miyasawa-san at Shikaruna has placed 
              bionics spilling outside of the back of the head!
                                 Rare shot with a fist on. This is the twin-faced XLR8OR-88.
                          When I did Seismic Ace I was told it was absolute shit because it was resin and not
                          vinyl. Well, they weigh two pounds and if fired from a slingshot you can kill a bear
                          with them and guess what? He's vinyl now, he fits in your pocket and you can STILL poke people's eye out with him like a champ!
Here's the 1cm X 1cm opening with a gear, wires and
 button inside it on the back of the Stroll's head. That's some INSANE detail.
Here, on the end of a mini-pacer, is the drill-fist which is SEISMIC-ACE's
 head from the resin toy. The difference between this and the new
head is Seismic King has an actual mouth.

They're Here

Guess what arrived today...
4 sample figs from Japan and 51 parts.
So I sat down for five mins with my Iphone because my awesome camera was having a sissy-fit and quickly threw these together just to show you what can be done with these awesome and super crazy robots.


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