Assembly Time

Everything we've been doing...and what we've been doing is this:
1. Bags and bags of vinyl arrived weeks ago.
2. First I was assembling it all on my own...on the floor.
3. Then like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence people came to help me....fucking big tv personalities, great blokes, toy nerds, big titty geek girls, midgets, was crazy for a while but we powered through. Seems people think it's cool to assemble toys. They soon learned that 600 toys with seven parts each needing three drill holes is A RIGHT BUM to put together!
It's aaaaalllllll worth it in the end! Hoo boy, these little vinyl robots are hot! That's not just me blowing my own trumpet either, they look awesome.
Plus, there were beers, pizza and women.... and also women-who-were-men-but-looked-like-women so it was all fun and games and nobody lost an eye.

After three weeks we've finished the white and black and that's seven different people working maybe 20 hrs with two dremels....but we DID start with just X-ACTO knives for awhile.

Don't use X-Acto knives, that's fucking crazy.

Enough talk, check it all out!
That's a lot o' legs!

About 6-700 at an estimate. That's 4900 parts to you.

This is what you need to drill arm holes.
James cut through the arm holes with a knife BEFORE we got the dremels. He walked out with that Shogun for his troubles.

Jarrod is swift like lightning with the dremel, knocked out all the white torsos in two hrs.
Sorting parts.

One of a number of trays full of parts. The round arm is NOT a shield, it's a 1950s UFO. You are looking at it's underside.

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