Mental In Japan.....AGAIN!

Not six months ago I thought I was going to propose to the girl of my dreams at Mt Fuji, there was a ring, tickets to Tokyo...plans and turnarounds for a whole new toyline in motion.
F**K you irony, you're drunk.

Sometimes life doesn't work out the way we plan.

Sometimes, it works out better ;) .

I never waste time feeling sorry for myself or chasing after things that aren't real basically because...well...this:

Preeetttyy much sums it up.

Ten days. Ten INCREDIBLE days meeting with the RIGHT people, being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time....with the right person.
New toy deals, new friends, skating through Shibuya with roller skating LEGENDS, dodging motorbike cops....INSANE SHIT!
Check it out:
Yes, that is EXACTLY what you think....a giant amazon mecha-robot with robo-boobs. I am it's evil human screaming.
If in Shinjuku you MUST go to Robot Restaurant and get very drunk first. It is AWESOME!

You can't shoot him....Number 5 is alive!

WE ATE FUGU! Deadly puffer fish.
Giant inflatable Horse with ULTRAMAN. Gnarly.

Dressed as pirates.....on a pirate galleon....underneath Mt Fuji...with swords and everything. Water as clear as ice.....beyond freezing. Absolutely perfect. Nuts...but we dig the crazy.

Tokyo Disney on Xmas day. EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON-ON-EARTH was there. Once we determined we couldn't get on any rides anymore and it was time to leave I did this and stripper-flipped off of Cinderella's magic roundabout. BIG TROUBLE!
don't go there on Christmas day...EVER.

Rode a gorilla. You you do.

Went here to meet some people. Got some closure....did some crazy with them. Fighting spirit and all that. Rode the Thunder.

Then somehow we ended up in China...which was a nasty, dirty place and I hated it.

Then this happened..... two new tattoos. This one says "Give and not take." and the second says two different things "Broken vessel" or "No Free Passes." depending on who you are. ;P

Looking forward to 2015

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